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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answer to the most frequently asked questions. Please remember that if you have any further questions, get in touch with us via email, phone, or our online chat.

How Does The Discount Service Work? 

First you need to choose what services and discount suites you. (This can be found on the services page). Find what matches your needs and then choose how much of a discount you would like. You can receive up to 50 % off the current prices you see. The last step would be to request for an invoice and provide the list of services you will be using. 

Are The Discount Funds All Inclusive? 

YES! The 50% off and the 35% off are all inclusive meaning the money you pay for it will be used as credit! The 15% off and the 5% off are not inclusive but you will get that discount for lifetime usage. For the 50% and 35% off, we will create you a custom platform that will show the services at the discounted price.

Am I locked Into A Contract With The Discount Service?

NO! This is a pay as you go service unless requested otherwise. You will only ever get invoiced once you decide to use our services. With that being said, you can choose to have a monthly subscription by contacting our support team.   

Is There An Expiration On My Deposit?

NO! The funds you deposit will remain there until you have used it. This is why we highly suggest you look to get 50 % off! For the 15% and 5% off discounts, you will get lifetime usage. We have done this because our aim is to save you as our client the most amount of money and give you a better chance of trending your accounts. 

What payment methods do you take?

We take PayPal, Stripe, Crypto, Wise, Bank to bank, credit and or debit card. We always use a secure method of payment which comes with a receipt from us along with phone verification. If you would like to pay anotherway then please be sure to let us know so that we can accommodate you.

Are these services bot generated? 

We only use organic methods and provide services which are safe. The last thing we would want is to ruin your image and tarnish our name. We look for long term business which is why we only provide services that are safe and secure. We are one of very few social media marketing providers out there today that offer 100% organic growth when it comes to marketing our client's pages.

How long does the delivery take?

The standard time is up to 72 hours however you can request to have the services slowed down and drip fed over a number of days that you choose. Most clients prefer this way as it increases your social SEO. Some of the services take as little as an hour to deliver. If you buy Instagram followers or Spotify plays you will notice the order is done very quickly.

Is mine and my clients information safe ?

YES! We can go as far as sending an NDA (non-discloser agreement) which will state that we will never contact your clients or promote that you are buying from us. We will never at any time contact your clients, if there is an issue with a link you provide us then we will contact you directly not your client. 

Do You Offer Free Refills If The Order Drops?

Yes! So far, we have not come across this issue, we strongly suggest that you do not use another social media marketing company at the same time when ordering from us. If in the event that some of the views or followers to decrease, then we will refill them at no extra cost.

Can I Resell This Service To My Clients?

Yes! We do in-fact offer a resellers panel that will allow you to add your client's orders and see the status in real-time. Your clients will not know that the service has been added by us, we do not store or contact your clients at any time. For more reseller's information, please contact us via phone, email or our online customer support team.

Have further questions?

We operate 24 / 7 so if you have any further questions you can speak to our online chat support, email us or call us. 

Want to talk to a professional ?

Would you like to talk to a professional about a custom package ? To gain more trust in our products and services ? Feel free to send us a message via email, contact us via phone or talk to our live customer chat support. 
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